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Secret Tricks Google Adsense List Latest Year 2016 | Lots of ways and Tips to register a blog to Google adsense on the Internet. We know that registering the blog to adsense in aprove or approved is not an easy thing, it needs a struggle for bloggers like us to make money through blogs that we build. So what is my experience in registering a blog to google adsense? Is it only 2 Months or according to the procedure that google give? Let's discuss in this article that is about how easy to register google adsense in 2016 with various tips from my own experience that has long been looking for ins and outs of google adsense itself like what.

In many cases the new bloggers are always enthusiastic to quickly generate something in the coffers of dollars from his new blog, without thinking about what the initial goal of undergoing their blogging activities, it is true that our goals are all different at least for you or me who are still learning in blogging world understands the main purpose of conveying information to internet users about something they have not understood We as a blogger understand it, therefore it is principled that by starting something it must be with hard work to reap more satisfying results as well. Well for that first of all before we plunge and discuss about google adsense which is still a dream of bloggers in the world both in Indonesia also would be much better if we discussed first for the development of our blog.

The list of google adsense is not as easy as you imagine, even the SEO master has admit it even though they finally understand and know the ins and outs of google adsense is like what and the purpose is actually for what. Google adsense is not our first goal as a reason why we build blogs, but as a reward for us as a blogger who provides useful information to netizens internet, because in fact your greatest income when everyone knows who you are and where they can find you if Not through your own site, then your income down to you.

To build a good blog needs special skills and also the wrong experience, why do I mention the wrong experience? An experience if it does not start with a mistake will never be a successful name, with the wrong experience you will start learning to do something more thorough again than before, well friend of the following blogger I will give my tips based on my experience in the world of blogging to register blog I personally go to google adsense.

Tricks Optimization Blog before registering to Google Adsense

Secret Tricks Google Adsense List Latest Year 2016
In building a good and quality blog that will we register to adsense need special skills for example for the technique used, I take the example for the making of the article itself. here are some techniques to create good and quality articles to sign up for adsense easily.

1. Article Content

We know that google will not youth accept us as an advertisement publisher, where they will do a review first to all of our blog pages starting from page post, Contact page, and so forth. Therefore before we register the blog kite to google adsense then we must know first the content is good for the purposes and also for visitors it like what.

Content Authenticity

the first is about the authenticity of the article content that we make, whether it has a clear and accurate source, and if you create an article based on references from other people's blog it would be better if you see the reference source used is true or just abal-abal (Hoax) only. not all sites on the internet can be trusted for its own reality. Moreover we do not know that the content they use is a hoax content and you unanimously copy it easily without listing accurate link source.

Google provides the procedures to us in building a blog or website should be in accordance with our ability to write or update the contents of the blog that we build it, They do not recommend that we mencopas articles or content belonging to other people's blogs. This is the main reason google to display content that is original and relevant to all internet visitors .

Good content writing

Then if we already know about the authenticity of good content for your blog then next we will discuss about how to write a good article for your new blog. Writing a good article now no longer using the old way, forget SEO, forget ROBOT, note the human now a source of traffic for our blog, Those who visit our blog is not a robot but people who want to find answers to their problems. Will they understand the content of your article if your article contains only Keywords? Do not you? Then make an article as is by using your words that you think, make it like a book, simple optimization only.

Here are some good article writing for your blog and for google adsense itself:

Write articles as many as 500-1000 words more, if more great to register your blog to google adsense.
note the writing of each word in some of you guys, make your article style as comfortable as possible in order to more easily understand other blog visitors.
Use only a few keywords that you can put at the beginning of the paragraph, middle and then at the end of the paragraph. for all the keywords I mentioned should not be the same but you can modify or re-variate according to your own predictions or can use google planner help.
Create at least some images to make your article easier for readers to understand.
Make an interesting description and also a title that intrigue the internet users to visit your blog.
Done. then if necessary share to some social media that you follow.
That way if your article is good and also get good response from internet users so they will visit again for the umpteenth of you.

Use of article title

Then we go to the use of a good article title is like, if I think personally I make the title of the article that is true already seasonal course, for example like this "good way of blog optimization" This title seems to have been widely used either for the content of blog articles people Other and also used for making the title of the article. But why do I still choose a title like that because I'm sure someday my blog can perched on the first page of google with the condition of the contents of each other's articles and also articles that you create is a unique quality articles and also weighted.

2. Blog View

To about the look of the blog itself is actually like what the hell mas dion, if it also affects when we register our blog to google adsense? Could be also influential, but until now google has not given a violation or command in detail to create a blog with a simple look, many SEO masters who have a blog with a heavy display and also elegant but also accepted google adsense. But it would be better if the look of the blog that you use lighter and easily accessible by many people.

Here's a great blog template for google adsense list

Black background Blog background for background, and then for the aouter-wraper part can use white color with blend on the header light blue and also use Roboto Font let the visitors more comfortable.
Remove all unnecessary widgets and just make loading your blog heavy and hard to open.
Use some supporting widgets that indicate that you are a blog user such as Author, Google Plus and others as well as support pages such as (Contacts, Privacy, Disclaimer and so on if needed)
At least the ideal speed of time for a blog if accessed only a few seconds only 14 seconds of page turnaround.
Complete your blog with a few pages and also give ease to visitors to menjelah like label and popular post.

3. Traffic

The next step if we already know how to create the look and also a good article for visitors then we must then find a source of good traffic, from where we can get a good source of traffic for the blog you just woke up? Let me explain.
Blog that you just wake up you you start by creating an article that matches your experience or ability logically can not immediately get good traffic in google serp. All of them definitely need to be called waiting time, but for us for every waiting blogger is a futile and also a disadvantage, why do not we try to promote it? Well here I will also provide tips how to promote blogs so quickly known people.

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